News Update March 2020

February saw a couple of interesting opportunities for members, with the artist Mo Awkati demonstrating the skills for working with coloured pencil and a workshop by Max Hale on pen and wash techniques.  
The coloured pencil demonstration saw a high input of new visitors and the workshop was oversubscribed and will be repeated on Saturday 18th April. This is open to all, but preference is given to members

Annual General Meeting

Just a reminder that it is the club’s AGM this Friday 13th (!) and this is the opportunity for members to have some input into future plans for the club. It has been a year of mixed fortunes with a drop in club membership initially and a much-reduced committee with members having to double up on jobs. This has put quite a strain on them and we are sincerely hoping to get more volunteers in the forthcoming year. On the plus side, we have had some extraordinary demonstrations, well-attended workshops, a “field trip” to Patchings Art Festival, and this all culminated in our best Annual Exhibition for some time, not only in terms of sales and increased takings but also with many compliments about the new cafe-style layout which encouraged more people to linger, chat and admire the works of art.

We would really welcome input from the floor or messages sent prior to the meeting about other activities members might be interested in, particular demonstrations they would like to see or even other changes they think would benefit the club.

Other excitement at the meeting will be the presentation of public choice prizes from the Annual Exhibition, sketchbook displays from some of our especially talented members, an opportunity for a life drawing session (fully clothed I understand though) and the chance to win a year’s club membership worth £25, not to be sniffed at!

Committee members

We will be asking for nominations for committee members at the AGM, anyone is more than welcome to put themselves or someone else forward for any of the existing posts and at the moment the Programmes Manager has no nominees at all and it is one of the most important jobs. The jobs tend to require periods where not a lot has to be done and then periods of frenetic activity, for example, at Exhibition times and we would welcome committee members who would like to just be part of the team and help out with smaller jobs such as poster delivery, from time to time without having to have a heavier commitment. Should anyone wish to put themselves forward for a post, let’s say experience is welcome but not essential as everybody pitches in to help and enthusiasm is much more valued.

We would particularly welcome TECHIES! Anyone with enough technical knowledge to help us upgrade our technical equipment .g.projector and/or troubleshoot other things of that nature

We still do not have a dedicated tea team and so will continue with the rota system for next year unless someone comes up with a better idea.

Membership Renewals

Please note that membership needs to be renewed from April 1st 2020. It still remains an inflation-beating £25 per annum and entitles members to free attendance at monthly demonstrations, preferential treatment and fees for workshops and the opportunity to exhibit with the club on occasions throughout the year. Payment can be made on the evening of the AGM by cash, cheque or card payment or by post.

Pen and Wash Workshops

The pen and wash workshop on Saturday 15th February turned out to be very popular and so was filled to capacity to try to accommodate everyone who wanted to attend. It was more expensive than many of the workshops we have had in the past but we still determined to try and keep the participation costs low. We still have people who were on the waiting list and so have managed to get Max back for a second session on Saturday 18th April, his only free day for the rest of the season. places are filling quickly, so please let Lesley know if you wish to attend. It is open to all but members will be given preference.

For those of us who attended the last session, it certainly was quite an experience, and one I think most of us, however, practised artistically we might consider ourselves, found quite challenging. We nearly all came armed with nicely packed pencil cases, only to be told we only needed a pen, some smooth paper and a limited watercolour palette. No pre-pencil drawing was allowed, no rulers, no eraser, definitely no tracing (note to self Michaelangelo traced, it’s just in this instance it’s taboo) And although there were some barely concealed gasps at first and considerable moaning about not being able to draw a straight line (and that was just me!) we buckled down and worked pretty hard. It was a discipline well applied and learnt and as you can see from the pictures below definitely worth it. (Just some examples – more will appear in the gallery in due course)

News Update January 1st 2020

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all our members and their families from the Art Club Committee.

We are looking forward to another busy year ahead of us starting with our first demonstration of the year, Colin Jacks demonstrating Japanese Style painting, on 10th January at 7.30 pm

Unfortunately, we have had to cut short our annual winter exhibition at Harvington Hall, due to their refurbishments and next year may be in jeopardy as well. This means our next exhibition isn’t until Russells Hall Hospital in June. If any members have any suggestions for places we could approach (eg libraries) we would definitely consider that.

We have our first Saturday workshop of the year on February 8th. where Max Hale will be introducing the group to pen and wash work. This event has proved to be very popular and is now fully subscribed. if any places become vacant they will be advertised on the website and Facebook page

News Update: Sunday, December 1st

Annual Exhibition Review

We do hope you enjoyed our Annual Art Exhibition in November.  We are pleased to report this was a very successful event, our sales were well up on last year, and the rearrangement of the hall seemed to please everyone. Having the tables in the main hall meant we could enjoy the lovely refreshments while still being able to see the pictures.

French Mussel Pickers Graham Madders

I can now give the results of the voting for the Best Liked Pictures:

1st.     No 85    “French Mussel Pickers”          Graham Madders

2nd.   No 108  “Who Loves Ya Baby”               Lesley Moore

3rd.     No 77    “The Pinnacles of Teallach”    Graham Lockett

Congratulations to these Artists.  They will receive their Awards at the AGM in March and Graham Madders will receive The Alan Pritchard Trophy to keep for the year.

News Update – October 25th

So it’s nearly time;

We could still do with offers for homemade cakes for the art cafe. Just contact any member of the committee or the website

PLEASE NOTE: the 4 pm closing time on Sunday is for the public but paintings cannot be removed before 4.30 to avoid the public seeing empty walls!

Appraisal Evening 12th October

Friday 11th October saw our annual Appraisal Evening where members have a chance to bring their latest pieces of work to be critiqued by a professional artist and encouraged by other members. It’s always a good evening, with such a variety of work and lots of ideas from both the artist and the other members on how to progress your work, that it really is affirming and unmissable. On this occasion, it was local professional artist Tim Nash who cast his expert eye over our work and I know I went home full of enthusiasm and ideas.

The photograph below shows some of the members and their efforts and this has appeared in the Stourbridge News to highlight the upcoming Annual Exhibition

News Update October 2019

Remember FINAL date for entries to the Annual Exhibition is this Sunday 13th October but ideally, bring your entry form to the Appraisal Evening on Friday 11th October

Please note entries can only be accepted by fully up to date paid club members

News Update September 13th

Annual Exhibition 2019 (Members Only)

It’s time to go digging into this year’s half-finished/run out of time/brutally rejected masterpieces and get them onto your easels and polished off. In other words, it’s Annual Exhibition time and we really want to fill the hall with beautiful, vibrant works of art to cheer up these uncertain times.

Lesley and I have been researching (spying) on other clubs’ exhibitions and are hoping to bring a fresh new look this year, but more of that later. The most important thing you need to know is that this year, although there are now up to 8 framed entries allowed there is unlimited unframed so you can really go mad with all those interesting and experimental efforts you might not have been brave enough to have on the wall, but may still be exactly what someone wants in their Christmas stocking.

The other thing you need to know is due to Lesley’s selfish decision to go to India to celebrate her Golden Wedding Anniversary (I don’t care if it was 2 years in the planning!) just before the Annual Exhibition, entries MUST be in before October 13th, with no exceptions because the programme is being prepared by myself, the most unreliable person in the world, and therefore needs plenty of time.

Seriously, I do hope everyone will support Lesley in her first year as Exhibitions Manager. The Annual Exhibition is our art club’s showpiece date and your opportunity to have your work displayed to the public and hopefully (if that’s what you want, personally mine are my babies and will have to be wrestled out of my arms) hopefully even sold.

All queries to Lesley at

Sallie Gurney


News Update August 2019

NB the site is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment so please bear with us. We are trying to control the gremlins!

Hagley Railway Station Posters:

The posters have been updated and now appear as follows:

Ticket Office

  • Ann Becke: A Mouse’s Eye View

Platform one:

  • Steve Millward: Clent Hills
  • Jacqui Bradley: Farm in Winter
  • Sheila Hill: Abstract 1
  • Sallie Gurney: Winter World
  • Graham Lockett: Light & Shadow on Durdle Door

Platform two:

  • Margaret Pritchard: Copper Beech
  • Rebecca Horton: City Splendour
  • Alex Macskowski: The Steps (Worcester)
  • Shirley Campbell:  Reflections

All of the pictures have now been displayed at the station at least once. Bob will continue to swap them around every two months to ensure all of the pictures get a fair viewing in different locations around the station. Bob is hoping to create more posters from your artworks for the station next year  –  watch this space in the new year.

Saturday 21st September Workshop Line and Wash/ Graham Wilcox

There are still a couple of places left on this workshop, please contact Lesley Moore if you are interested at

Harvington Exhibition

All the paintings submitted are now on display at Harvington Hall Tea Rooms and are looking pretty amazing!

News Update – June 23rd 2019

We had another very successful demonstration on the 14th June with Richard Crabtree demonstrating in oils, please see the latest write up on our review page and also comments on our Facebook page.

Remember to put 12th July in your diary and come and see Vicki Norman demonstrating Big Flowers!

The following day sees our trip to the Patchings Art Festival with an early start at 8.30 at St.Saviours. If anyone still needs to pay please make sure you send a cheque as soon as possible to Lesley Moore as per her email to you, Any problems please email Lesley at

Look out for new art lessons starting shortly with Sean Counley, one of our previous workshop deliverers and a local artist. if you missed it before I’ve reprinted my review of his Life Drawing Workshop for us last year.

News update 12/06/2019

Message from your Editor, Sallie Gurney

Welcome to the first Hagley Art Club. It’s been a long time coming and is still a work in progress but hopefully, once the editor has got her act together, it will become a useful reference page for our members!

So, items of interest this month:

The exhibition of works by Hagley Art Club Members are now displayed at Hagley Railway Station. The first posters to be displayed were


  • Alex Macskowski – The Steps, Worcester (inside the waiting room)
  • Graham Lockett – Light and Shadow on Durdell Door (platform 2)
  • Sallie Gurney – Winter World (platform 2)
  • Margaret Pritchard – Copper Beech (platform 2)
  • Bob Haywood-Lister – Planters (platform 1)
  • Mike Spencer – Rowing by the Reed Beds (platform 1)
  • Ann Becke – A Mouse’s Eye View (platform 1)
  • Sheila Hill – Abstract 1 (platform 1)
  • Jacqueline Bradley – Farm in Winter (platform 2)
  • Sue Merrill – Romancing the Tide

However, the changeover has now taken place and new posters have been displayed.

The second batch of posters is now on display at Hagley Station. The current posters are:

  • Sunflower by Gwen Wardle
  • Polar Bear by Judy Dovey
  • Cat Walk – the Winter Collection by Rosemary Milner
  • Autumn Glory by Lesley Moore
  • Tommy by Hazel Gillard
  • Blue Sky by Gail Belchamber
  • Clent Hills by Steve Millward
  • Reflections by Shirley Campbell
  • Romancing the Tide by Sue Merrill
  • Rowing by the Reed Beds by Mike Spencer

These will stay up until the end of July when the collection will be rotated. The exhibition has been well received at West Midlands Railway, and we are hoping to be able to produce a new set of posters next year, so get painting!

The exhibition at Russells Hall Hospital is now in place on the main corridor.

Plans to arrange a club trip to the Patchings Art Festival in July are proving problematic as we have not managed to get enough numbers to arrange transport at a reasonable cost, Trying to join up with another club has not helped as finding a mutually convenient day with transport available on that day has been almost impossible. It is looking likely that it will go ahead on Saturday 13th July but once confirmed, participants will be emailed directly with details.

Thanks: Following our Chinese Painting demonstration on Friday 12th May, we received the following letter from Glynis who donated her fee to Guide Dogs for the Blind :

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